Bridgette B Bio

bridgette-b-12650-01There is only one true Spanish Doll of the porn world and her name is Bridgette B. A stacked blonde bombshell who is built like  a Barbie, but with a way better ass, she is a thrill of a woman. She can dance like a stripper, smile like a sweetheart, and seduce like a goddess. She is a bad girl made up of pure, unadulterated sex appeal.

Born October 15, 1983 in Barcelona, Spain, Bridgette went to an all-girl Catholic boarding school before moving to the United States at age 16. She was a late bloomer and didn’t lose her virginity until she was 19. She completed high school in New York and then headed to Ohio for college, where she received her Master’s in International Marketing. She paid for school by becoming a dancer, but she didn’t think that getting naked for the enjoyment of others was going to become her career. That all changed after she moved to L.A.

Taking a job as a waitress and then getting into corporate real estate, Bridgette found herself becoming frustrated at the underwhelming income and inability to find work that appreciated her higher education and multilingual skills. Becoming bored on the job, she would sometimes use a small vibrator under her desk, unaware that her actions were being caught by the security camera. When her boss got hold of the tapes, she was fired. Bridgette realized it was time to make a change. She wanted more money, more appreciation, and a lot of excitement. Within days, she was shooting her first porn scene.

Bridgette has commented on how great her experiences have been. She is pampered and made to feel like a princess. She adores the attention of fans and being spoiled, so it became obvious to her very early on, that adult entertainment was the right path for her to stay on. Things got even better for her after she had her breasts enhanced from natural C-cups to DD’s.

The 5’8” pornstar has built a very impressive portfolio. She has been in more than 300 adult films and become a recognizable presence in the industry. She is highly requested and willing to go the extra mile. She performs anal, interracial, lesbian, double penetration, blowjobs, cream pies, swallowing, and so much more. She is a doll who likes to be played with and she will play extremely naughty in return. Are you ready to experience her?

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